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Hands are very beautiful in their own way. There are so many movements of the hand that I couldn't possibly teach you them all. It's something you'll have to learn on your own, but for now I'll show you some simple hand actions.



Female hands are usually a lot slender and have a more gentle touch to it than a male's hand. When your drawing a hand always remember that there's knuckles and finger tips to draw too. It's not just two giant lines drawn together and connected at the tip. You have to draw curves within the hand to show where those points are at.

Here's my example: (click image below to enlarge in new window)








Ahem, still profecting this one.. ^^()
The male hand is a lot larger a more muscular than the female hand.. well.. that is if your drawing your average guy. Some guys tend to have smaller and thinner hands (like bishouens *grin*) so.. it depends on the characters personality. You really can tell something about the character through their hands.
So be careful.

Here's my example.. which is more of a "bishouen" hand than a manly man hand.. *lol*:
(click images below to enlarge)






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