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Angel Sanctuary cosplay pictures were taken from the Angel Fire site.
Vist there to see more ^.^
Click pictures to enlarge.
Well, that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed looking at the great Angel Sanctuary Cosplayers. If you don't know what Angel Sanctuary is click here to find out more.
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This is a very nice picture! ^.^


Alexiel and Kurai


Alexiel, Rosiel, and Lucifer


Alexiel's full outfit!!


American mad hatter ^.^ nice job!


I absolutly LOVE the background in this!


Alexiel and Rosiel fighting


Jubrellie! She's so pretty!


Very beautiful Kurai!


Kurai in outside hall ^.^


I don't remember who this is suppose to be.. but this looks real cool, don't you think?


Kurai in her OVA form.


Michael and Lucifer


Setsuna and Michael


A very cool Rosiel!


This is my favorite Angel Sanctuary cosplay picture! This guy is so cool looking!


Setsuna in chair


setsuna and jubrelle


Setsuna's profile ^.^


Setsuna lookin' great! With the scenery of a city behind...


Oh my goodness! LOOK! THEY LOOK JUST LIKE SARA AND SETSUNA! *blink blink* *faints*