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Getting Started


Ok, Ok. I'm probably the LAST person that should be teaching or helping YOU to draw. I've never taken art lessons from anyone. I just.. taught myself. ^.^()
Please, do not be rude about how horrible this may be. I'm only 14 and I'm still learning. I'm just trying to help those who've asked me for help or for those new artist who seek some help and learn skills that's not too.. um.. so professional that it makes you depressed.

The style I'll be teaching is based on the japanese anime style. I'm currtenly working on more real life figures, so once I become better at that I'll post stuff on it too. ^.^

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy my art tutorials and please send comments, questions.. yata yata.. to me at





lets see.. for your usual drawing, that I'll be teaching on this site, you need a pencil (well, duh!) and a pen.
I usually use a drafting pencil and a Pentel Permaroller GOLD pen. Now, the pencil..
I can recommend just about any kind of pencil except for those yellow school pencils,
I just hate to draw with those. ^^()
The pen, on the other hand, I find that the one I mentioned is the best pen
to use for inking.It cheep. Can be found about anywhere.. and
It has good quality. :) yea~





Another good thing that comes in handy is a stencil. I'm serious.
When you get into making proportions and making things
look better.. this is the way to go.
If you don't have one or not enough money..
(which shouldn't be hard.. they run around 3 bucks..)
just use a ruler. It'll be hard at first.. but keep practicing
and you'll be very good at it.







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