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Current Production: Utena the Movie: Adolescene Destiny

This is my first attempt at a fandub.. so don't be surprised if it's not going to be complete.
*the va cast gasps and begins to throw tomatoes at Yukina2*
Ga! Gomen-nasi ^.^


I casted the voice actors/actress for this as if they were to be the first ones to do the voice for that
character. I mean, I didn't see who sounded the most like the original japanese va.. I was looking
for someone who would be able to carry out the character and just do a good job. ^.^ And look how WELL it's turning out no da!
Now.. for anime show related radio plays.. that is another story.. ^^()

Through out the production, you will see how I make changes in how I put the scenes together or present it.
I love doing something differnt. (Example: In scene 4 I decided how annoying the subtitles were so I covered them up with my web address.. lol) And I've now realized that I can't dub this by going by the exact translation.. (Example: In scene 4 Touga says "Here's to your ideas" yet his mouth still moves about 3 seconds after he finishes the lines ^.^ ehheh... whoops...)

All in all, I hope to finish this production soon and move on. I was REALLY wanting to finsh this by now but it takes a week and a half to get in the voice files and 3 days to create the scene and 4 days to send it to Danny to upload it. So.. that's like 2 scenes a month! O.O damn....

Uh, let's see...

Oh yeah, by scene 5 you will notice that the scenes will look a LOT better and probably better compressed. I FINALLY got an "up-to-date" video card. Damn, it's good. And I got a new video program so I'll have more speical effects added in and more sound effects ... AND the background music won't be recorded by windows media player with my $1.00 "crap-tacular" mic anymore ^.^()

Oh wait.. one more thing.. I AM THE ONLY ONE DOING THIS. I am collecting the va files, putting in background music, and putting the never ending scenes together. And the one who hosts the videos is Danny! ^.^ (God bless him) hehe. And the ones who bring the characters to life is the va cast!


I guess that's about it for now. Good luck to me and the cast.

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