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This is here to let people know what script parts have been sent out to the cast members so far.

~Scene one~

Characters: Wakaba and Utena (setting: giant school room)

Wakaba: (excited like) Tenjou Utena-kun! So..(bends down) what do you think of our school?

Utena: (in a kind of sly way) Well, If there are cute girls like you, I think it'll be fun. I think we'll suit eachother..

Wakaba: I'll give you a tour of the school!

Utena: What's your name?

Wakaba: (real sweet and happy) Shinohara Wakaba.


~Scene two~

**in this scene, please say your lines clearly and 'briskfully'.. meaning as get through them**

Setting- Outisde school grounds

Characters- Eko, Fko

E-ko: (have a lot of energy in your voice) Hiiiiiiii everyone! If this message reaches you please lend me your ear and listen! This is the Ohtori Academy Broadcastcasting Club's Dynamic Duo, E-ko!

F-ko: And F-ko

E-ko and F-ko: (all happy like ^.^) On Campus lunch broadcast!

E-ko: Today there's a gentle breeze and it's a beautiful day. If you brought lunch today you should definetly eat outside!

F-ko: (in a matter-of-fact tone) I wouldn't if I were you.. There'll be scattered shower.

E-ko: (In a 'oh is that so' tone) That's not what the weather forcast said....

F-ko: (In a sorrowful tone) The rain falling in my heart will create clouds in the sky.

E-ko: (questionable) Have you been dumped again?

F-ko: (Shouting and in a crying tone) What's wrong with me?

E-ko:(say "everyone" in a whinning, shouting tone) Everyone!!!! When you're drawing on your sleeping boyfriend's back.. check to see if he'll be swimming tomorrow in gym class.. Okay?


~scene 3~

** Please remember to record each sentence as a wav file!**

Characters: Utena, Wakaba, Miki, Juri Setting: Outside school building

Utena: Hey, Wakaba

Wakaba: What?

Utena: ("What the.." said in curiousity) About the seinor high building. What the...

Wakaba: (in a sweet voice) It's the fencing club. It's super popular with the girls. Now it's the prince.

Miki: (determind) As expected, but I won't give up.

Juri: (in a calm, proud voice.. because she won) The piano suits you better...

Utena: (a little irrated voice) It's awfully crowed..

Wakaba: (happy) Of course, It is Juri and Miki after all. That curly-haired girl is Arisugawa Juri-sempai. She's the captain of the fencing club and and outstanding member of the student council.

Juri: (strict tone) Next!

Wakaba: (informative) The girls all call her "Prince." She might end up being your rival... and then... the boy is Kaoru Miki-kun. Nicknamed Micky. He's still a 7th grader, but he's taking a bunch of college level classes... he's a super-genius... he's really cute.. and. But there's a rumor his twin sister gets in the way, so he doesn't have a girlfriend. Utena, where did you go?


Note to voice actors/actresses: * Please use a recording program other than winows media player. In the past three scenes I've put together I haven't been able to take the fuzzy sounds out from the voices. I suggest use a recording program such as Gold Wave. ^.^

Also, please remember to record EVERY SENTENCE as a .wav file!
^.^ ARIGOTU MINNA-SAN!!!!!! hehe. HAVE FUN! : )

~Scene 4~
characters: Touga, Utena
setting: Looking down onto a little rose garden as it rains. The place has, um, a lot of steps ^.^

Touga: It's raining hard.

Utena: There's suppose to be scattered showers today.

Touga: (questioning) How long has it been since we saw each other? Do you remember our promise to go to the planitarium? It's still on.

Utena: (a little roughly) Don't get the wrong idea!

Touga: (in a "oh is that so" tone) Wrong idea?

Utena: (has a bit of a harsh and hurt tone) I'm... not like I use to be, I didn't follow you here. But I was surprised.. I didn't think you'd go to this school.

Touga: and that outfit?

Utena: (trying to be strong)To be a prince. Since I broke up with you that's what I decided. I'm living by my ideals.

Touga: (holding a rose ^.^) Here's to you high ideals.

Utena: ("That ring" said in awe then the rest as kinda a 'whatever' tone) That ring. Oh, I see... you got engaged to someone.

Touga: This ring led me to this school. The Rose Signet.


Notes to VAs: Please title your wav files with the number I put beside the line. Everytime you see a ("number here") you start a new wav file. I'm trying something new here ^.^
THIS IS MY FIRST fandub production after all... hehe.

~Scene 5~

Characters- Utena, Anthy
Setting- Rose Garden

Utena: (1) (Questioning) Roses? (2) A white rose? (3) (amazed) This is.. (4) (in awe)What's...that?

Anthy: (5) Aren't you scared? (6) Standing on the edge like that, aren't you scared?

Utena: (7) These are amazing roses!

Anthy: (8) This is my rose garden.

Utena (9) (amazed) Yours?!

Anthy: (10) I'm the Chairman's sister, so I have special permission to use this place. (11) But..(12) But really.. it's the roses.. that caught me. (13) What did you come to this school to do?

Utena: (14) I... (15) I... (16) (surprised) HEY! (17) That's mine.. that Rose Signet!!!

Anthy: (18) (worried) How do you know that name?


Note:: Please record the lines in good enough quality to where there's no fuzzy sounds in the background. I don't care what frequency.. just make it clear enough to be heard ^.^ Also, please say your lines clearly. I MIGHT have to ask for redos in this scene. a lot of expression in the voices are made.. exspecially with Saionji. So, don't be upset if I ask someone to redo their line. If the line doesn't fit the "mouthing" very well I might have to ask for a redo as well.. I tried to fix the lines so we won't run into that problem.

Note to Saionji's voice actor:: line 20 is VERY important with the scene. When he says the word "that" he says it with I'll send you the original VA's way of doing it from the movie. I don't normally like copying the japanese voice actors.. but I want you to get the feel for that part. ^^

Note to Utena's voice actress:: girl, your doing great! ^.^

Please save your lines with JUST the number I assigned by your line... that's it.

~Scene 6~

Setting- The rose garden... beginning of a duel.
Characters- Utena, Saionji (one scene with touga)

Saionji- *in a surprising and stern voice* (1) What are you doing? (2) What are you doing to the rose bride?

Utena- *questioning* (3) rose... (4) bride?

Saionji- (5)This place is off limits to those who don't belong here. (6) hm? Oh.. I see. Your a duelist too?

Utena- (7) duelist?

Saionji- (8) Sorry about that. I didn't recognize your face..(9) I guess you do belong here then.

Utena- (10) belong here? (11) What are you talking about?

Saionji- (12) Ha! Don't play dumb!

Utena- (13) A rose signet.... (14) *in a don't go pleding voice* Wait a sec! (15) Do you know what this is for?

Saionji- (16) hmp! It's not a 'what'.. This rose signet is proof that your a duelist and that you can win the rose bride by winning a duel.

Utena- (17) *questioning* Duelist? (18) *sympathetic* win you?!

Saionji- (19)*have a VERY sly voice for these 2 lines* Amazing! Even though you have a rose signet..(20) you don't know "that"? (21) I guess.. your not a duel opponent after all.

>>flashback:: Touga- This ring is what led me to the school.. the rose signet.<<


That's the only part of the script that has been sent out so far. Return later for more!

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